Lower taxes for the middle class, to where it is one flat tax in the single digits. Heavily tax luxuries such as alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, dip, etc. Pharmaceutical medications that are often abused should be taxed as well. I bet we would see less of them being prescribed! Boats will be considered a luxury.

Lock in the corporate tax at 20%. If a corporation chooses to move their business to China, or any other country that wants to destroy America, we put a 100% tariff on them. We need to hold China accountable for the virus that has caused detriment to our world, and they should be held accountable to pay off our 30 trillion dollar deficit.

Smart spending of tax payers’ money. No more sending our citizens’ tax money overseas! Trim the fat out of all areas where the tax payers’ money is being spent! Transparency for the citizens as to where their money is going!

THIS WILL LOWER THE TAXES for the middle class.