Seniors, Children, and Animals

We need to protect our most vulnerable. We need to ensure that senior citizens have full access to their social security, which they have contributed to during their entire lifetime of employment – which is perhaps one of the biggest Ponzi schemes ever!!!! We must put that money back in for our seniors and make sure prescription drugs are as low as all other countries and restrict Big Pharma’s power, and stop allowing them to buy our politicians.

We need to protect our children, and put an end to human trafficking, overstepping by the government, ensure that children without parents are only put in protected environments that will provide them with stability to grow to be stronger adults. We need to stop using kids as political pawns- we don’t co-parent with the government!

I would like to pass a law to stop the euthanizing of healthy animals that are able to be rehabilitated, fund the ADA, to ensure our service animals are better protected. I would like to see a law a law in place to restrict the amount of times a breeder can breed an animal. This would decrease the influx of pets needing re-homing, and allow the animal a safe and healthy life. Animal abuse should be a felony, with a registry like sex offenders have, and participating in animal fighting in any way should be a felony with jail time of no less than 7 years.