Homeland/Law and Order

We have no Country without laws, but our laws are supposed to be created to protect the people, not control them.

Right now, we do not have equal justice for all. The elites of this country can do what they want, while the American working class cannot even exercise our Constitutional individual civil liberties.

We need to stand with our police, military, and any man or woman who puts on a uniform and takes the oath of office to protect and serve the people. We need to continue to reinforce the wall, secure the border, and enforce common sense laws and regulations. We have to protect our citizens who have worked hard to secure their place in our society. Legal immigration only – anyone who goes against that should be returned to their country of origin, zero tolerance policy.

Human trafficking continues to be one of the biggest epidemics in this country. Without a strong immigration policy in place, it will continue to run rampant, along with crimes committed by folks who should have never passed our borders in the first place. We need to do whatever it takes to protect and secure our American citizens. We cannot pour from an empty cup!