We must take action with the public schools. They have a choice, and if they don’t choose to follow this, they should face defunding. The schools need to go back to traditional education where the Pledge of Allegiance begins each day, prayer is not discouraged, basic life skills are taught, in addition to the standard subjects like math, reading, writing and match. History and social studies needs to be TRUTHFUL and not full of divisive material that encourages divisiveness and implies guilt in the present day. CRT is not OK! Indoctrination and twisted political ideologies are NOT OK! We are one race and that is the Human Race!

We need to eliminate any standard testing that only puts pressure on the teachers and students and does not aid in their future. I would love to see life skills taught to prepare your children for independence in their future, and teach things such as budgeting, gardening, how to live below your means, and skill training from a young age. I would like to see class size decreased. If the schools do not follow this pattern, parents deserve the right to not only un-enroll their children, but to take their tax dollars and apply them to any school of their choice.