Constitutional Carry Constitutional Carry means that the right to bear arms once again becomes a right, and not a privilege – Allowing law abiding citizens…

My stance on Education: We must take action with the public schools. They have a choice, and if they don’t choose to follow this..

Protect the people, not control them. Right now, we do not have equal justice for all. The elites of this country can do what they want, while..

Get rid of the common core disability ratings. If a veteran has ratings that equal 100%, they get 100% rating..

Lower taxes for the middle class, to where it is one flat tax in the single digits. Heavily tax luxuries such as alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, dip, etc..

Seniors, Children, Animals: We need to protect our most vulnerable. We need to ensure that senior citizens have full access to their social security, which they have contributed to during their entire lifetime of..

Limiting terms for members of Congress and Senate to a maximum of 12 years offers many benefits.

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