Our Principles

Brian Perras

Brian Perras is a Pasco County native that graduated from Ridgewood High School in 1996. He was a 3 sports athlete in high school, and played college baseball after he served in the military. He joined the Navy in 1997, (where he saw snow for the first time in his life!) but his military career was cut short in 1999 after sustaining an injury, and he received honorable discharge. He served upon the USS Enterprise.

Upon being discharged from the military, he pursued a college education and graduated from CSUN with a Bachelor of Arts. California called to Brian for several years, as he also followed the path towards a career in acting, and although his core values differed greatly from his community in Hollywood, he stayed in California for almost fifteen years.

During his years in California, Brian was an entrepreneur while pursuing his various acting roles. Brian is third generation military in his family, and his father suffered severe health issues after being exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam. Brian became his father’s caregiver and was there to ease his father’s suffering up until his unfortunate passing.

Although Brian was not able to see his military career through the way he originally wanted to, he has always taken very seriously the oath he took to protect the people of our country, and our nation’s constitution. After several years, and watching California decline further, he decided to run for Congress in California. That was his “last ditch effort” to try to save his community. After quickly finding that he wouldn’t be able to make the difference he was hoping for, Brian decided to relocate back to Pasco County, Florida, to go back to his roots and be surrounded by family, friends, and more like-minded individuals.

Today, Brian is still an entrepreneur and works with buying, selling, and renting real estate. However, that calling to protect our nation’s people and the Constitutional Republic has never stopped driving him forward to make a difference. After a lot of consideration, he has made the decision to run for Congress once again… this time he is up against a lifetime politician who has served in his role for many years. Brian doesn’t have the years of Congress under his belt already, but he has tremendous heart and passion, no fear of anyone or anything, is a devout Christian, and wants nothing more than to be of service to our great country.