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My name is Brian Perras

My name is Brian Perras, I am running for US House of Representatives FL-12. I am running to fight, protect, and defend the American working class, the small business owner, the veteran, and each and every American citizen that contributes and WANTS to contribute to our amazing nation… that means I am fighting for YOU!

I want to preserve our individual civil liberties, which are under attack as we speak. Not enough of our elected officials are standing tall for the people of this country right now, and I am here to do just that. I am fighting to bring the power back to you, the people! We have a tough road ahead, but if we all come together to push back against communism, the establishment, and the Global elites, we will win!
I am running on the principles our country was founded on: God, Country, and traditional American family values. “We the People” have to stand united together in order to win and restore our Republic!